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for TCI residents only

The Covid-19 vaccine will be available to all persons that reside in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Our aim is to make the vaccine available to as many as want it.   All persons who wish to take the vaccination (at present, 2 doses of the Pfizer Vaccine, 21 days apart) are asked to provide the information on the booking form. A limited number of fields are mandatory, the more information you can give though the better.

Registration is only required for the first time that you are attending Family Care Medical Services for your Covid-19 vaccination.

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Access to the information provided will only be accessible to a small number of healthcare professionals working on the roll out of the vaccine and will not be shared with any other TCIG department or private enterprise. Clinical vulnerability and aggregated risk factors such as age and occupation will be utilised for prioritisation purposes.

The administration of the Covid-19 vaccine will be prioritised to specific groups in order to protect those who are most vulnerable i.e. the elderly, those with chronic underlying medical conditions and front-line workers.